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  • Bootlegs are made by fans for fans, if you want to support the band buy their Official CDs and DVDs! No selling here!

  • If you contact first - you send first!
  • If I don't answer your email, don't hesitate to write me a second time.
  • If we traded before and I want you to send first again, do it.
  • Shows that are rated NT are not available at the moment.
  • Dont send me any VCD / SVCD / DIVX sourced DVDs because i expect high quality stuff. Exceptions will be made if you have something that I really want.
  • Send me standard Video-DVDs that play on any dvd players. I dont accept data dvds or other fucked up DVDs.
  • Only use high quality DVDs or CDs (TDK, Sony, Verbatim, etc.)
  • Please burn 1 show on 1 disc. But several small shows or interviews on one DVD are allowed.
  • Put DVDs and CDs each in one single CD or paper case.
  • Don't write on the CD/DVD surface.
  • If you bad trade me, you have to deal with the consequences.
  • This site is not a download portal. You can't download anything from this site.
  • If you are sending from the USA, don't forget to write the "reason" of the package on there because otherwise, the package will be stuck at the customs office and I don't want any trouble with them.
  • Rules available for trades via air mail and on-line trades.
  • Media count rules: for air-mail trades - 1 disc for 1 disc and for on-line trades - 1 show for 1 show.
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